Plant for the extraction and processing of natural stone. Production of facing, architectural and construction products
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Applicant: «DEGELEN» LLP

Objective and idea of the project: organization of activity of the enterprise for extraction, sawing and crushing of decorative and construction stone of the East Kazakhstan region. Polished slabs, monuments, granite, etc. will be the company's products.

Project implementation period: 2017-2021

Project implementation place: Kurchatov city, East Kazakhstan region

Current status: The presence of a production base, total area of buildings - 9 660 sq.m., with an adjacent land plot of 4.8 hectares. Built-in transformer substation: 2 transformers of 420 kVA each, a gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons, a heat generation complex (coal boiler), 3 boilers of 1.8 Gk. There is special equipment for the extraction and transportation of stone blocks, including cars and trucks, 40 units, machine tools (turning, milling, drilling, etc.), mining equipment for underground work (electric locomotives, loading machines, sinking cars, drilling equipment, etc.). There are 6 subsoil use contracts.

Job Creation: 90 people

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Asset Management and Investment Department:
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