Investors’ Service Center

Investors Service Center integrates  investment projects, investors and measures of state support.

The main aim of ISC activity is to attract investments to the region.

Center functions include

  • searching for foreign and domestic investors for your project;
  • assisting in the implementation of state support instruments at regional level;
  • creating and maintaining a database of current and prospective investment projects in the region;
  • monitoring the implementation of investment projects in the region;
  • establishment of a dialogue platform between the investor and the state, representatives of Kazakh and foreign businesses;
  • participation in solving investors’ problems at regional level;
  • assistance in arrangement of negotiations, meetings, "round tables" between the investors and government agencies, development institutions;
  • representation of interests of the region for investment activities;
  • maintenance of investment projects database and investors of NEIA «KAZNEX INVEST» JSC.

Our services are addressed to: 
the investors, entrepreneurs, project and ideas initiators, innovators, developing enterprises and other business participants

Working with investors:

  • information and service support;
  • search for domestic partners and projects, industrial areas that are attractive to investors;
  • arrangement of negotiations, meetings with local government authorities, business entities;
  • carrying out investment activities.

Working with project initiators:

  • putting project passport in the National database of investment projects of NEIA «KAZNEX INVEST» JSC;
  • participation of SEC in project implementation, while «Ertis» SEC» NC» JSC’s share in the authorized capital is limited by 49%;
  • searching for foreign and domestic partners and investors;
  • location of enterprises in industrial zones.

Existing enterprises can act as project initiator.