What is an industrial zone?

Industrial zones are formed in order to create the conditions and modern infrastructure to stimulate the creation of import- substituting and competitive industries, attract foreign and domestic investments.

There are no alternatives to industrial zones in the East Kazakhstan region, as the high cost of land, the need to supply expensive infrastructure does not allow neither the region to pay all of its own costs, nor small and medium sized businesses companies to create engineer communications and buy the land at market price.

The main motivating factor of industrial zones development is to reduce entrepreneurs’ costs in the creation and development of the enterprises. This is achieved through the provision of infrastructure-service complex to private sector, which includes the provision of land for production installation, training centers for personnel, production, transport and logistics, information, office and exhibition infrastructure.
The State, taking over a significant part of the cost for organizing such complexes, will cut the costs of private enterprise per business unit that will also reduce new production facilities startup.

There are 3 industrial zones in the East Kazakhstan region.